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  • 30 Days to a More Resilient Faith

    Barb Wooler, Wayne Hannah
    The oldest book of the Bible, Job, deals with the oldest question of man: why do seemingly bad things happen to good people? Or put another way, if God is good, why is there suffering? A thousand generations have asked... [Read More]

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  • Sale!

    ABS of Faith

    Dan O'Deens
    ABS of Faith is a spiritual fitness guidebook, designed to bring balance to one's life and definition to the spiritual body. Throughout the book, O'Deens weaves personal experience, biblical truth, and practical suggestions together to form a framework to help both the... [Read More]

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  • Antioch Revisited

    Tom Julien
    Reuniting the Church With Her Mission This is the fictional but true-to-life story of a missionary “John” and how he comes to the ministry-changing conclusion: “Missions is not what the church does for the missionary but through the missionary.” The book also includes a... [Read More]

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  • Astronomy and the Bible

    Don B. DeYoung
    Astronomy and the Bible is a 155-page paperback which answers 100 intriguing questions about astronomy and science. Written by Grace College professor Dr. Don B. DeYoung, it is subtitled Questions and Answers. The questions range across subjects such as the earth and the moon,... [Read More]

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  • Beyond Desolate

    Tammy Schultz, Hannah Estabrook
    Once upon a time in a faraway land, a long, long, time ago, a beautiful girl lived in a royal palace. And as many daughters of kings do, she waited for the day when her Prince Charming would arrive on... [Read More]

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  • Bible Truths

    Alva J. McClain
    This extremely popular little handbook was originally prepared by a busy pastor to provide some systematic doctrinal instruction for his Sunday School. It uses the catechetical method to highlight biblical truth on 28 subjects. 84 pages, Paperback ISBN: 978-0-88469-013-9

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  • Biblical and Theological Essays

    William W. Combs
    Biblical and Theological Essays is an anthology of selected articles that appeared during the first five years of the Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal , an academic theological journal founded in 1996 by Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. These timeless, thoroughly researched and documented writings by members... [Read More]

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  • Breaking Tradition to Accomplish Vision

    Paul R. Gupta
    Training Leaders for a Church-Planting Movement Hindustan Bible Institute (HBI), an institution founded in Chennai, India, to teach pastors and to foster church planting, over time had lost its vision. This is the fascinating story of dismantling and re-building the... [Read More]

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  • Called

    Kary Oberbrunner
    Becoming Who You Were Born To Be The Gospel isn’t just accepting Jesus into your heart; it’s also following Him with your life. Sadly, many people have adopted a concept of discipleship that asks little of them. Jesus calls us... [Read More]

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  • Chasing After Faith

    Mark E. Lingenfelter
    Subtitled “Capturing Hope Though a Daughter’s Special Needs,” Chasing After Faith chronicles the journey of author Mark Lingenfelter and his wife, Angie, took through the discovery and adjustment to a number of birth and developmental problems with their daughter, Faith. In the... [Read More]

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