ABS of Faith is a spiritual fitness guidebook, designed to bring balance to one’s life and definition to the spiritual body. Throughout the book, O’Deens weaves personal experience, biblical truth, and practical suggestions together to form a framework to help both the new believer and the venerable saint to have a vital, daily walk with God.

ISBN: 9780884693109

The oldest book of the Bible, Job, deals with the oldest question of man: why do seemingly bad things happen to good people? Or put another way, if God is good, why is there suffering?

A thousand generations have asked this question and their sages have done their best to answer, to make sense of suffering, pain and evil. Part I is 30 short readings – one for each day of the month –drawn from two sources: the Bible and the wisdom of contemporary sages. In Part II are reflections on the role of pain and suffering in life as told by a man who has lived most of his life with a painful disease.

While there are many facets to this complex issue, the conclusion drawn from both the Bible and the sages is this: God is in the midst of crisis and suffering, drawing people to Himself and into His purposes.

Barb Wooler, director of crisis response for Encompass World Partners, and Wayne Hannah, senior director of strategic initiatives at Encompass, who deals daily with a chronic health condition, have compiled a 30-day devotional that will encourage your faith in the face of crisis.

Solomon, the wisest man in history, was Israel’s third king. While his name does not appear as the author of Ecclesiastes, his fingerprints are all over the book. His words challenge and encourage the reader to live as if his or her time were short and to fear God in all things.

This interdisciplinary commentary is written for serious students of the Bible, including professors, Sunday School teachers, and laypeople who want both a theological and psychological perspective on this much beloved and fascinating Old Testament book.

ISBN 978-0-88469-299-7

Essay on the Christian and the Church in Politics

Should the church get involved in politics or influence their voting members? What is the church mandate on this issue? How should Christians project themselves? Many Christians are wondering how to respond to the confusion generated by the variety of candidates for public office and the differing perspectives of church leaders who are trying to evaluate the political picture. This book, first offered in French, offers guidelines to assist Christians in determining how best to participate in the political arena as citizens who have a dual citizenship: in heaven and in the country of their residence.

Becoming Grace surpasses the scope and purpose of most institutional histories, writes Brethren historian, Jeff Bach. He notes in the foreword that Burkholder, Norris, and their contributors offer a clear and balanced account of Grace College and Theological Seminary from its origins in Akron, Ohio, through its expansion at Winona Lake, Ind., and the difficulties of a later denominational division.

The story is carefully set in the context of conflicts between professors and their advocates, the deeper Brethren framework behind those events, and the continued religious developments among the Grace Brethren. Add in broader cultural changes and developments within conservative Christianity in the U.S. in the early 20th century and readers will find the college and seminary illuminated against the backdrop of the larger landscape of Christian higher education in America.

247 pages, paperback

ISBN: 978-088469-312-3

En la historia del mundo, tres príncipes han ejercitado autoridad sobre él. El reinado del primero, Adán, fue lamentablemente corto. Su autoridad fue robada por Satanás, el segundo príncipe, cuyo reinado trajo sufrimiento sin palabra a la humanidad. Así comenzó el drama supremo de todo tiempo: el drama de la redención.

Es un drama que termina en la derrota de Satanás y el triunfo del tercer príncipe, Jesucristo, que se hizo hombre para recuperar lo que el primer hombre había perdido. Para entender la magnitud de este drama en que cada uno de nosotros juega una parte significativa, debemos levantar el velo de lo visible y examinar los misterios del mundo invisible.

Lea este libro como si fuera un drama. Sumerja su mente profundamente en la revelación del gran plan de Dios. Experimentará nuevos vistazos de las verdades que posiblemente han llegado a ser habituales y comúnes. Así podrá empezar cada día afirmando de nuevo su propia autoridad en Cristo, sentado con Él a la diestra de Dios. Y podrá entrar a su mundo con su armadura puesta, lleno del poder de Dios, armado con la espada de su Espíritu, con su vida permeada de oración.

Los tres príncipes también está disponible como un libro electrónico . Haga clic en los enlaces de arriba para comprar el formato digital de su elección.

Tapa blanda, 198 páginas

ISBN: 9780884692996

 The Remarkable History of Winona Lake, Indiana

The charming little village of Winona Lake, Ind., is once again a tourist destination as lovers of art, culture, education, and good food come to experience life at the little artisan village nestled on the eastern shore of Winona (formerly Eagle) Lake in north-central Indiana.

Winona is currently in its third wave of development and popularity. In its first wave—beginning in 1881 and culminating in Spring Fountain Park and the religious Chautauqua programs that drew thousands for its rich offerings in the early 1900s. Then, after a period of decline, the town revived for its second-wave popularity as the home of the world’s largest Bible conference, the founding place of Youth for Christ, the launching pad for Billy Graham’s ministry, the home of baseball evangelist Billy Sunday and his songleader/publisher Homer Rodeheaver and much more.

Now, in its third-wave rising, Winona is once again a beehive of activity through Grace College and Seminary, cultural festivals, the emergence of the Village at Winona with its many shops, programs, world-class restaurants, and more.

Enjoy the history—and some little-known anecdotes—from two who have lived in, and loved, Winona Lake for many years. This centennial history celebrates the unique town that was incorporated on June 2, 1913, and has had worldwide impact.

291 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-88469-284-3

Men need models. Some men have grown up with dads who were good role models for how to love their wives. Sadly, most have not. From the crucible of real-life experience and study of God’s Word, Larry McCall delivers a powerful message that there is a model of perfect husband-wife love. Here is help for any husband or band of brothers who desire to grow as husbands. It is Bible-based, Christ-centered, and grace-promoting.

202 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-88469-304-8

Studies in the Character of Christ

This challenging but easy-to-read handbook helps Christians better understand what it means to walk as Jesus did. McCall explains that mirroring the character of Jesus should be the normal pattern of life for a Christian. The author lays out 14 character traits of Jesus’ life, and he explains how those traits can and should be reflected in the daily lives of Jesus’ followers. Field-tested discussion questions make the book a “natural” for small-group use.

160 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-88469-303-1

An Exploration of Ministerial Ethics

By Ken Bickel and Kevin Vanderground

Right and wrong conduct by Christian pastors has an enormous impact on churches and society. Ken Bickel and Kevin Vanderground say, “when ministry leaders grieviously fail, the ripple effects often extend well beyond what any one person can comprehend.”

Writing from a context of information about legal trends and information, the authors here proposed a ministerial code of conduct that covers many situations never envisioned by those young in the ministry.

Practical case studies are sprinkled throughout, providing conversation starters for church boards, groups of pastors, or individuals who care about integrity in the ministry. Useful to pastors and students alike, the guidelines proposed here will help application of scripture’s principles to practical dilemmas pastors face.

149-page paperback
ISBN: 978-0-88469-282-9

Subtitled “Capturing Hope Though a Daughter’s Special Needs,” Chasing After Faith chronicles the journey of author Mark Lingenfelter and his wife, Angie, took through the discovery and adjustment to a number of birth and developmental problems with their daughter, Faith.

In the introduction, Lingenfelter stresses, “This book is NOT a record of woes and hardship,and it is not a pool of self-pity or sorrow.” Instead, he says, “This is a book about the JOY found growing in the soil of suffering. It is intended to challenge the reader to consider the value of chasing after a life of faith.”

The slim 71-page paperback contains eight chapters, each teaching a spiritual principle learned through the Lingenfelters’ experience, and each followed by several pages of discussion questions and exercises designed for individual study or small-group discussion.

Four pages of color photos highlight the growth and development of Lingenfelters’ daughter, who is now six years old.

About the book Pastor Dan Gregory of Grace Church in Akron, Ohio, said, “Dark moments and difficult circumstances can shake our faith . . . this is a powerful, yet down-to-earth book about real people walking through real challenges chasing a real faith in a real God.”

Tom Avey, fellowship coordinator for the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, said, “Shepherds lead best when God has deepend them through dark days. This is an excellent tool for pastors, fathers, or small group leaders to help people talk through vital faith issues.”

71-page paperback
ISBN: 978-0-88469-280-5

Once upon a time in a faraway land, a long, long, time ago, a beautiful girl lived in a royal palace. And as many daughters of kings do, she waited for the day when her Prince Charming would arrive on the scene, recognize her beauty, and fall in love with her. Prince Charming never came. She didn’t live happily ever after. Something devastating happened.

Her brother raped her.

Her brother.

Like an unannounced tornado that touches down before unsuspecting city-dwellers have a chance to take cover, sexual abuse blindsides victims in its wake. Against the backdrop of torment, Jesus, a fellow-sufferer, speakes into our anguish and paves the road toward a life beyond desolate. Beyond Desolate proclaims hope into a world not absent of ache, but a world where He bleeds with us and brings us a new song.


ISBN: 978-0-88469-279-9

Throughout history, three princes have exercised authority over the earth. The rule of the first, Adam, was pitifully short. His authority was stolen by Satan, the second prince, who brought unspeakable suffering to mankind. This began the supreme drama of all time, the drama of redemption.

It is a drama that finds its climax in Satan’s defeat and the triumph of the third prince, Jesus Christ, who became a man in order to win back what the first man had lost. To grasp the magnitude of this drama, in which each of us is playing a significant role, we must lift the veil of the visible and peer into the mysteries of the unseen world.

Read these pages as you would read a drama. Plunge your mind deeply into God’s revelation of His great plan; you will gain new insights into truths that may have become commonplace for you. May you begin each new day by reaffirming your authority in Christ, seated in Him at the right hand of God. And may you go into your world clothed with His armor, filled with His power, armed with the sword of His Spirit, and permeating your life with prayer.

Paperback, 190 pages

ISBN: 978-088469-278-2

Marital Intelligence, subtitled “A foolproof guide for saving and supercharging marriage,” is based on thousands of hours of marital counseling and observation by the author. Stieglitz is a counselor, speaker, mentor, professor, and leadership consultant based in Roseville, Calif. He is currently a professor at Western Seminary, a district superintendent for the Evangelical Free Church of America, and a church consultant for Thriving Churches International. He also directs his own ministry, Principles to Live By.

Stieglitz says there are only five problems in marriage: (1) Ignoring needs; (2) Immature behaviors, (3) Clashing temperaments, (4) Competing relationships, and (5) Past baggage.  With each issue, he carefully and consistently lays out biblical teaching on the subject, and then includes helpful anecdotes, solutions, and self-tests to help the reader.

Gil Stieglitz
278-page paperback

“Few books have been written that carefully distinguish between secular music that we listen to every day, and sacred music,” Scott Aniol says. “After discussing some foundational matters, the first section considers how to make God-pleasing choices regarding the secular music we listen to, and the second deals more narrowly with sacred music.”

Contending that much of the confusion about the music issue is primarily a theological misunderstanding, Aniol discusses such issues as what does Sola Scriptura really mean?, the nature of biblical affections, the essence of biblical worship, and the purpose of music in the church. Cultural issues discussed include meaning in music, the nature of pop culture, and different kinds of emotion.

Each chapter concludes with aids for discussion so that the book may be used in small groups and classrooms. Further resources are available at worshipinsongbook.com or at the website for Aniol’s music and consulting ministry, religiousaffections.org.

ISBN: 978-0-88469-262-1

Restoring the Household presents a summary of church history and the theological/political forces leading up to the Alexander Mack baptism in the Eder River of Germany in 1708, which is generally considered the starting-point of the Brethren movement.

Scoles also has significant discussion of the Brethren ordinances of trine immersion baptism and threefold communion, and concludes with an insightful look at some of the dynamics surrounding the founding of Grace Theological Seminary and the Grace Brethren movement in the late 1930s.

The book is based, in part, on research Scoles did for his D.Min. dissertation at Ashland Theological Seminary.

279 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-88469-092-4

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