The Brethren Missionary Herald Company has partnered with several companies to provide resources for regular use by churches. Please contact these organizations directly and be sure to mention BMH Books or GraceConnect when you order.

Offering App and Envelopes

BMH Envelope Service/NCS, 1-800-627-9900

Bulletin Covers

Cathedral Press, 1-800-874-8332

Warner Press, 1-800-741-7721

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For more than 70 years, BMH has been providing breaking news, compelling stories, and clear-cut books and articles on theology and Christian living.

Your financial support helps ensure that ministries like GraceConnect magazine, the news website: grace connect.us, and Grace Brethren history projects (and more) will continue to serve the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. It also helps support publishing Spanish-language resources, like Restaurando el Hogar: La Búsqueda de la Iglesia Hermanos en Gracia and Los Tres Príncipes: Levantando el velo del mundo invisible which are made available to Spanish-speaking pastors for little or no cost.

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